Student Writing Competition

10th Annual Law Student Writing Competition

Deadline extended to March 16, 2022

Winning Authors to Receive

Criteria and Submission Instruction

The entries will be judged anonymously by members of the SLA Writing Competition Committee. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

All decisions of the judges are final. On or before April 1, the top four finalists will be notified by email and/or telephone and will be offered a free registration to the SLA 2022 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA (May 12-14).

Consent For Release

The writing competition is open to current law student and LLM members of the Sports Lawyers Association aged 18 or older. By submitting an entry, each entrant warrants that his or her entry is original and unpublished, and grants to the Sports Lawyers Association an irrevocable license to reproduce and publish the entry in any medium, as well as an irrevocable license to use the entrant's name, likeness, and other personal information (hometown, law school attended, class year, etc.) in any medium, for the purpose of promoting the writing competition and/or the SLA.

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2021 Winners

Johnathan Nucci – First Place
Pennsylvania State University
NBA Top Shot: The Illusion of Ownership and the Purchase of Restrictions

Joseph Benincasa – Second Place
St. John’s University
Title VII after Bostock v. Clayton County- How this Decision may be Catastrophic to Women’s Professional Athletics

Danielle Lyn – Third Place
Notre Dame University
Unnecessary Roughness: Pittsburgh’s Jock Tax and its Equal Protection Clause Violations

Rachel Weiss – Fourth Place
Boston College Law
Flag on the Play: Analyzing the Use of Race-Norming in the NFL’s Concussion Settlement

2020 Winners

Michael Feblowitz – First Place
Boston College Law School
One Nil: The Impact and Constitutionality of the Fair Pay to Play Act

Joshua Frieser – Second Place
Marquette University Law School
Fair Pay to Play: Empowering Student-Athletes or a Violation of the Dormant Commerce Clause?

Josh Goldberg – Third Place
Florida International University
The Rooney Rule and the Lack of Minority Coaches in the National Football League

2019 Winners

Alex Avakiantz – First Place
University of Washington
Football, Fortnite, Fortune

Zack Flagel – Second Place
Duke University
Challenging the MLB Draft’s Grand Labor Slam: A Universal Proposal for an Amateur Ballplayer’s Choice of Team

Bradley Waldstreicher – Third Place
Cardozo University
Defeating the Bots: How Blockchain Technology Can Help Overcome the Weaknesses of the Better Online Ticket Sales Act

Carter Fox – Fourth Place
The University of Tulsa
Third-Party Payments: A Reasonable Solution to the Legal Quandary Surrounding Paying College Athletes?

2018 Winners

Loren Galloway – First Place
University of Iowa
How the Courts Fumbled on Sexual Assault– and What the NCAA Can Still Do About It

Mired Asfour – Second Place
University of Pennsylvania
More Than an Athlete: Sport as a Platform for Promoting Social Justice

James McEntee – Third Place
Harvard University
Mediation Before Arbitration

Zachary Tomlin – Fourth Place
University of San Francisco School of Law
Developments in NLRA Policy Provide UFC Athletes New Pathways to Representation

2017 Winners

Nicoleas R. Mayne – First Place
Harvard Law School
Derailing the T Train: Curbing the Abuse and Toradol in the National Football League

Nicholas Plinio – Second Place
Seton Hall University of Law
Be-Wear of Wearables: Addressing cutting-edge technology and unique data privacy challenges in the "internet age" of professional sports.

Mike Ingersoll – Third Place
UNC School of Law
Student-Athletes as Employees: Northwestern, Columbia and Unionization

2016 Winners

Tess Heisserer – First Place
Washington University in St. Louis
You Can Have Your Game But You Can’t Advertise It, Too: Fantasy Sports and the Right of Publicity

Joseph Dempewolf – Second Place
Washburn School of Law
Any Given Saturday: The NLRB Fumbles Regarding Student Athletes as Employees

DJ Rowe – Third Place
Duke Law School
It’s Time to Retire the NBA’s Rookie Salary Scale

Brantley Adams – Runner-Up
University of Mississippi
World Cup 2022: From FIFA to Terrorism

2015 Winners

Justin Bryant - First Place
University of Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, IN
The Federal Tax Ramifications of Paying Student-Athletes: How O'Bannon v. NCAA May be Costlier than Everyone Envisions

Susan Schwartz - Second Place
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA
Fouled Out: Wells v. Xavier University and the Impact of the Title IX on the Wrongfully Accused

Brandon Knop - Third Place
Northwestern University Law School, Evanston, IL
Alex 'Roid'Riguez: Legal Alternatives for MLB Player Contract Termination in the Post-Steroid Era

2014 Winners

Caren Seenauth - First Place
Western State College of Law - Fullerton, CA
The Constitutionality of Public University Imposed Restrictions on Social Media Usage by NCAA Student Athletes

Tom Mitchell - Second Place
Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis, MO
"Changed Dramatically": Waldrep Revisited In Response to Northwestern's Unionization Effort

Ashley Arnett - Third Place
UC Davis School of Law - Davis, CA
The Women of the NFL: What Role do Cheerleaders Play in Professional Football?

2013 Winners

Garrett Broshuis — Saint Louis University School of Law:
Death to the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor? The Continued Erosion of the Baseball Rule after Commer v. Kansas City Royals

Sam Ehrlich — Thomas Jefferson School of Law
With Many Advisors they Succeed: Fixing Baseball Amateurism in the Post-Oliver NCAA

Kaitlyn Kacsuta — Duquesne University
Age Ain't Nothing but a Number: A Critique of Application of the Nonstatutory Labor Exemption in Clarett

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