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SLA Privacy Policy

The SLA respects the privacy of the member and non-member data we collect and only shares it when necessary, as disclosed below:

What information we collect
The SLA collects member and non-member information, including member business, personal and financial information, in a variety of ways, including without limitation: at chapter meetings and national conference events; through the SLA website, emails and other correspondence and communications; and in connection with membership, sales and other transactions.

In addition, individuals or entities may be required to provide their credit or debit card information; bank account numbers and information; or taxpayer identification numbers for SLA transactions or for other financial or tax purposes.

What we do with the information
The SLA does not sell information about our members and non-members but, subject to the limitations herein, may use and share information with others: (i) to obtain benefits for members and non-members, and (ii) to transact the SLA's business and activities.

Whom we will share the information with
The SLA enters arrangements with, and utilizes the services of, members, volunteers and third parties (collectively "Agents") to assist in the SLA's business and activities. These Agents may obtain member and non-member information without notice to the individuals whose information is being shared. Access to information is limited to only those individuals and entities that need the information for the business and activities of the SLA, as determined by the SLA and/or its Agents, in their sole discretion.

In addition, without notice to the individuals whose information is being shared, the SLA may disclose member and non-member information to others, if we believe it is required by law, regulation, legal process, order or other standard applicable to the SLA.

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