Award of Excellence

Michael Weiner Sports Lawyers Association Award of Excellence

The SLA periodically presents its Award of Excellence, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the association. More information on the award appears below, as well as a listing of prior recipients.


The Award Criteria


Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted from active members of the Sports Lawyers Association and members of the Selection Committee.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is, at a minimum, composed of three representatives of the association. At the discretion of SLA's president, the Selection Committee can be expanded to include not more than seven members, and one member of the committee serves as chairperson.


Presentation of the Award

The Award of Excellence is presented during the Sports Lawyers Association annual conference.


Public Relations

The Sports Lawyers Association engages in focusing attention on the award through its contacts with the sports media and sports broadcast industry.


Previous Award Recipients

1991: Alan I. Rothenberg

1992: Anita L. DeFrantz

1993: Lloyd E. Shefsky and John F. Wendel

1994: Gary Bettman and Jay Moyer

1997: Reuven J. Katz

2000: Stanley H. Kasten

2004: Marvin J. Miller

2013: Donald Dell

2014: Larry Lucchino

2016: Donald Fehr

2019: Ray Anderson

2021: Jim Delany

2022: Renee Montgomery

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