Administration (SLA Board Members Only)

The Administration Committee addresses issues on an ad-hoc basis at the request of the Board of Directors.

Awards and Luncheon Speakers

The Awards and Luncheon Speakers Committee seeks worthy candidates to be honored with the Michael Weiner Award and also looks for luncheon speakers if we don't give the award or if the honoree declines to be the luncheon speaker.


The Budget/Audit Committee provides overall financial oversight for the organization, and assists the Treasurer and Executive Director in the development of a budget and regular financial review of actual   organizational financial performance.


The Conference Committee coordinates the planning and implementation of the Annual Conference.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee helps promote, support, and foster diverse opportunities, environments, outreach, and enrichment that reflect members represented in the sports law community.

Executive Committee (SLA Board Members Only)

The Executive Committee has and may exercise the power of the Board of Directors in the management of the Association.


The International Committee focuses on the International expansion of SLA membership, as well as opportunities abroad for SLA members.

Law Student Writing Competition

The writing committee administers an annual writing competition providing students the opportunity to choose a current issue in sports law and advocate a position

Membership/Public Relations

The Membership/Public Relations Committee prepares and implements a marketing and publicity campaign for the SLA, with primary focus on promoting the Annual Conference, including periodic membership surveys and evaluation of the results.

Nominating and Governance (SLA Board Members Only)

The Nominating and Governance Committee identifies and reviews individuals suggested as prospective Board members and recommends those with the desired background and requisite credentials for consideration and election by the entire Board;  reviews and recommends current Board members for re-election to the Board; identifies, reviews, and recommends individuals with the desired background and requisite credentials for the positions of SLA President, Secretary, and Treasurer; and drafts and recommends proposed additions, changes, or deletions to the SLA Bylaws as necessary.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee seeks to help expand SLA membership and Annual Conference attendance by organizing local networking events for potential and current SLA Members, as well as promoting the SLA and the Annual Conference at local outreach events.


The Philanthropy Committee annually selects a charitable organization in the locale of that year's Annual Conference to receive the Sports Lawyers Association’s charitable contribution. The Committee reviews multiple worthy organizations, ultimately selecting one, which fits well with the mission and goals of the Association while also having a great impact on the youth of that community. The Committee also reviews other initiatives that permit the Association to leave a lasting positive impact on the local community. This work not only helps the local communities, it also provides the Association an opportunity to showcase its members in a positive light when sometimes involvement in the legal field leaves the local public without a true understanding of the individuals involved and/or the Association as a whole.


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for promoting the value of SLA and selling sponsorships for the Annual Conference.

Venue (future meetings) (SLA Board Members Only)

The Venue Committee works to find the best locations for the Annual Conference as well as for Board Meetings.  Our Annual Conference locations have enabled the Association to maximize the number of attendees at our Annual Conference.


The Website Committee works with the management company and technology partners to keep the SLA website up to date, to add and change content and features as needed, and to create the Annual Conference app every year. 

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