SLA NextGen Applications are Now Closed

The Sports Lawyers Association is looking for innovative law students and new lawyers to join the NextGen committee. We seek committee members who are eager to become more involved with the Sports Lawyers Association and help engage, provide a voice for, and grow the careers of the Association’s newest members.

If you would like to join the NextGen Committee the application process is open now!

Eligibility Requirements:

The NextGen Committee consists of 13 members, including two (2) members to serve as leaders of the committee for a second term and eleven (11) members to serve as committee members for a one-year term. Members of the NextGen Committee must be current, active members of the Sports Lawyers Association for 2023 and either law students or new lawyers:

Law Student

New Lawyers

Working Group Opportunities:

All members of the NextGen Committee will serve on at least one working group. Applicants will select their first, second, and third choice of the working group in their application. Successful applicants will be informed of their working group assignment(s) upon receiving news of their selection to the committee. Working group choices are as follows:

NextGen Influencers
NextGen Influencers will be responsible for posting creative content and videos to the SLA page at the direction of our Executive Director.

Law School Liaisons
Liaisons will create meaningful and impactful relationships with sports and entertainment law societies at all levels of law schools and assist in outreach with the SLA bridging the gap between SLA and law students.

Mentorship Monday Program
Mentorship Monday program creators will help develop quarterly mentorship programs and assist with their execution. Potential topics include: resume writing, cover letter development, interview techniques, professional and networking skills, and more.

Blog Writers
Blog Writers will write at least one blog post per month and review with NextGen peers prior to posting.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Melissa Pomerene
Executive Director
Sports Lawyers Association


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