Dreams for Kids Thank You to SLA

Hello Rick, Nona and Stan,

Hopefully everyone is having an exciting and productive summer. I know you are incredibly busy and wanted to take a moment to thank you and follow up with some details on the events that your $15000 contribution enabled this year.

As I mentioned when we were going through the application process, we are a smaller non-profit in DC and without your contribution we would literally not have been able to put on some of these clinics.

  1. in May we held two great clinics:
    an adaptive volleyball clinic with the National Volleyball league: Video
    Washington Mystics (That John Wall came out to)

  2. In June we were able to hold 2 clinics
    Extreme Recess lacrosse w/ Georgetown U
    Adaptive Sailing

  3. In July we had 2 more great clinics
    Extreme Recess Waterskiing
    Extreme Recess Tennis at the Legg Mason

All together more than 300 different kid were able to take part in these events and feel the empowerment and confidence boost comes form being engaged in sports at a young age.

If possible, we would like to share this follow up with the SLA board to show them what they helped make possible this summer. We would love to continue working with the SLA and hope you will get in touch if myself or Dreams for Kids can ever be a resource moving forward.

Thank you again from all of us here at Dreams for Kids.

P.S. I have cc'ed our incoming Executive Director, Glenda Fu on this email. I will be taking over as our COO for Dreams for Kids National (in Chicago) this Sep.

Andrew Horn
East Coast Director
Dreams For Kids
O. 202-957-4344
C. 703-475-9322
926 N St., Studio 3
Washington, DC 20001

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