Michael Weiner Sports Lawyers Association Award of Excellence

The SLA periodically presents its Michael Weiner Sports Lawyers Award of Excellence, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the association. More information on the award appears below, as well as a listing of prior recipients.

Previous Award Recipients

1991 Alan I. Rothenberg
1992 Anita L. DeFrantz
1993 Lloyd E. Shefsky and John F. Wendel
1994 Gary Bettman and Jay Moyer
1997 Reuven J. Katz
2000 Stanley H. Kasten
2004 Marvin J. Miller
2005 Paul J. Tagliabue
2007 Alan H. (Bud) Selig
2008 Donna Lopiano
2009 Jerry Reinsdorf
2010 Jerry Colangelo
2011 Gene Upshaw
2012 Dick Moss
2013 Donald Dell
2014 Larry Lucchino